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Unlocking the secrets to medspa success requires a shift in perspective. Passion alone won’t suffice. True success in the medspa industry demands determination, the right tools, adaptability, and an audacious spirit that embraces your unique identity.





Shannon Hayes

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Hey there, I’m Shannon!

Just like you (assuming you’re here reading this), I’ve never been one to stick to the status quo. I’ve thrived in a whirlwind of diverse business ventures, collaborating with big corporations, esteemed colleges, bustling retail stores, and even lively restaurants. But my true passion lies in working alongside my incredible medspa mavericks!

And that is what leads us to Vitality Ventures

Vitality Ventures was created for you, the medspa owner, entrepreneur, and maverick who is passionate about building some special. Driven to provide excellence, grow great, build the bank account, and find freedom in successful ownership.

Vitality Ventures is on a mission to guide, support, and empower you in your journey.


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