s.e.w. and grow

The S.E.W Method for Small Business will grow your business in just a few hours a month!

Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes


The S.E.W. method is specifically designed to help small business grow their digital presence, get more customers, and grow in a manageable, quick, and budget friendly way.

Move the needle.

Stitch your way to business success.

Thread your way to digital strategy.

Im sure there are a lot more corny taglines that relate to sewing but I am anti-crafty (not by choice, huge respect and a bit of envy) and once upon a time I tried my hand at –

Sewing (couldn’t even figure out how to install the thread on the machine)



(still don’t understand the difference between those two)

 – and all with devastating results and lots of bleeding


I’ll leave the catchy phrases to those much more talented than me.

But in the small business world where powerful digital footprints DEFINE BUSINESS SUCCESS, the S.E.W. Method is proven to help owners

Quilt Together A Stronger Online Presence.

(okay, that’s my last one, I promise).

Keep reading and LEARN TO S.E.W. and if you need a little extra help, we got ya.


What is S.E.W.

Our trademarked S.E.W (Social, Email, Website) Method  is not just a service; it’s THE STRATEGY we use –  and teach to every business that we work with.

This monthly process will build brand trust, create organic relationships with your customers and attract more people to your website so you can convert, grow, and make more money.

Yes, it’s monthly (or more often) but done correctly it is simple, quick, and will make a big difference in your business growth.


The SEW method

S.E.W.ing made Simple

1. Social Media

Pick your platform.

Pick one, or two if you are feeling ambitious but just one social media platform where you feel the most comfortable is enough for a small business.

Post often

Once a day, but don’t make yourself crazy – do your best but post. A reel, story, post whatever you can. Authentic is better. People are better. Have a point, a reason, a call-to-action. Don’t forget hashtags and don’t stress about how many followers you have. Social media is for social proof.

2. Email Marketing

Send 1-2x per month.

This is a direct line to your customers. Your client will open and read your emails if you are authentic, personal, aren’t salesy, add humor, and make sure there are calls-to-action that lead directly to your website.

If you do not have an newsletter popup for potential customers to subscribe to (with some kind of incentive for signing up) do it right now. Right now. This is essential for business growth.

3. Website update.

Update monthly.

Most small business owners have the “if we build it they will come,” approach to website creation. This is the absolute wrong approach and your website is where potential customers make the decision whether they want to book or buy from you. Your website is where you want people to end up to take action. Everything you do leads here. Therefore, just like your social and your email, your website needs to be changing and growing and a living, breathing entity.

Stitching together these 3 actions will help your small business move the needle towards growth, branding building and trust.

Perfection is a myth: consistency, adaptability, and perseverence are the keys to business success and growth.

Posting Increases Social Trust and Visibility:

Engaging social media strategies make your brand relatable and accessible, expanding your reach and influence.

Regular Emails Build Direct Relationships:

Through customized email campaigns, connect with your audience on a personal level, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

Monthly Website Updates Enhances Google SEO:

Regularly updated website content propels your search engine ranking, putting you in front of more eyes.

By The Numbers

The S.E.W. Method is straightforward and it works, however there are other details within each framework that will boost your progress quicker and with more power. 

We do offer programs that sit within the S.E.W. method for support or if you are following these steps consistently and are ready to add more fuel to the engine, our more advanced services are available as well. 


Do it for me programs: