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Why Every Small Business Needs To Have An Email Marketing Plan

In today’s digital age, where every brand vies for attention, email marketing (if done correctly) emerges as THE BEACON OF PERSONALIZED CONNECTIONS!

For small businesses, it’s not just a tool but a lifeline to your customers. Unlike broad-spectrum advertising, email marketing allows you to speak directly to your audience, in a space they visit daily: their inbox.



Why, as a small business would you sleep on what is one of the most powerful tools you have to get customers connected?

(probably because you need your sleep, right?!)




For small businesses sending out weekly or even monthly emails is the

absolute greatest way to build relationships with your customers and customers to be because

it gives you a unique opportunity tell your story, share news, talk about anything  (like your latest Netflix binge or your new French Bulldog, Roger) because people need to talk to people like people and not like robots. 

And yes, it takes time

and writing skills

and creative ideas

and all the things that you, as a business owner, probably don’t have time for – because you are actually running your business.

We get it.

But like constant website updates and social trust, email marketing cannot be overlooked (and is never overlooked for any successful business – small or big). 

So, we got ya with

3 Budget Friendly Pricing Plans

to make sure you stay in touch, on brand, and always growing!


The Engagement Maximizer

  • Price: $349/month
  • Features: Weekly emails, comprehensive subscriber engagement strategies, detailed analytics with actionable insights, custom storytelling content, and priority support.
  • Best for: Established businesses ready to maximize their email marketing impact, drive consistent engagement, and see significant growth in their audience interaction.

The Relationship Builder

  • Price: $225/month
  • Features: Up to 2 emails per month, advanced subscriber gathering tools, enhanced analytics, A/B testing capabilities, and story-driven content creation.
  • Best for: Growing businesses seeking to deepen relationships with their audience and enhance brand loyalty.

The Engagement Kickstart

  • Price: $129/month
  • Features: 1 email per month, basic analytics, and personalized email templates.
  • Best for: New businesses or those new to email marketing looking to start building their subscriber base and engagement.

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