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Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes


“At Vitality Ventures Group, we stand together as one team, valuing and embracing our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We invest our passion into our work, committed to fostering our clients’ growth and advancing society”

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Shannon Hayes


As the CEO and founder of our consultancy, brings a wealth of experience in elevating small businesses to new heights of success.  constraints or lack of in-depth knowledge, are crucial for the sustained growth and efficiency of a business. Shannon’s commitment is to not only address these critical aspects but to also ensure that business owners are equipped with the understanding and tools needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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With a proven track record of building several multimillion-dollar enterprises, Shannon expertise lies at the intersection of digital marketing and business management. Shannon possesses a keen ability to diagnose the underlying challenges within a business and craft tailored strategies that foster growth. Shannon’s consultancy approach focuses on empowering business owners through a comprehensive suite of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), effective newsletter marketing, strategic networking, and efficient vendor management. These areas, often sidelined due to time constraints or lack of in-depth knowledge, are crucial for the sustained growth and efficiency of a business. Shannon’s commitment is to not only address these critical aspects but to also ensure that business owners are equipped with the understanding and tools needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Amanda McLaughlin

Aesthetic Business Services

Viva Aesthetics by Vitality

Amanda McLaughlin stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation within the aesthetics industry, primarily through her pivotal role at Vitality Ventures Group. Renowned for her in-depth knowledge and unparalleled skills as an esthetician, Amanda brings to the table a wealth of experience honed at one of the leading medspas in the Pacific Northwest, Camas Medspa. Her reputation for excellence precedes her, making her a valued asset to the Vitality Ventures team, where she leads initiatives on Aesthetics and Business Services.

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At Vitality Ventures, Amanda’s mission transcends the ordinary; she is dedicated to reshaping the medspa landscape through strategic consulting, focusing on both aesthetic excellence and business acumen. Her efforts are aimed at empowering medspa businesses to achieve their full potential, offering insights into service enhancement, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Amanda’s visionary approach ensures that Vitality Ventures remains at the forefront of industry advancements, setting new benchmarks for success and innovation.

In addition to her consultancy role, Amanda has also ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of Viva Aesthetics by Vitality, located in the bustling heart of downtown Ridgefield. This boutique medspa is a reflection of Amanda’s passion for personalized beauty and wellness solutions, embodying her commitment to delivering top-tier aesthetic treatments. While Viva Aesthetics serves as a testament to her expertise and client-centric philosophy, her primary focus remains on elevating the medspa industry through her contributions to Vitality Ventures.

Amanda’s dual role as a consultant and entrepreneur underscores her multifaceted impact on the aesthetics field, showcasing her dedication to enhancing both individual client experiences and the broader business landscape. Her work with Vitality Ventures Group is not just about consulting; it’s about setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in the medspa industry

Maddie Riley

Media Director

Vitality Lens

Maddie Riley is the driving force behind Vitality Lens, the specialized media division of Vitality Ventures Group, where her eclectic background in photography and podcast production comes to the forefront. With an innate talent for visual storytelling and a passion for audio narratives, Maddie has successfully harnessed these skills to elevate the media and content creation efforts within the company.

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As the leader of Vitality Lens, Maddie orchestrates a diverse range of media initiatives, including podcasting, social media photography, and digital content creation. Her role involves curating engaging visual stories and compelling audio content that not only highlight Vitality Ventures’ pioneering work in the medspa industry but also foster a deeper connection with their audience. Through her creative direction, Vitality Lens has become an integral part of the company, enhancing its brand identity and ensuring a cohesive, impactful presence across all media platforms.

Maddie’s journey from a skilled photographer to an adept podcast producer, and now the head of a dynamic media division, showcases her versatility and innovative approach to content creation. Under her guidance, Vitality Lens delivers high-quality, multi-faceted content that supports the company’s goals of educating, engaging, and inspiring their target audience.

Her unique blend of creative vision and strategic execution has not only advanced Vitality Ventures’ media strategies but also enriched the company’s marketing and client engagement practices. Maddie Riley’s leadership at Vitality Lens underscores her commitment to excellence and her pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Vitality Ventures, making it a distinguished voice in the small business marketing sector.

Shelley Zornado

Product Branding

Branded by Vitality

Shelley Vornado’s collaboration input with Vitality Ventures Group brings her expertise in product branding as founder of Branded by Vitality. 

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Shelley’s contributions are instrumental in transforming client service protocols, refining event experiences, and implementing follow-up strategies that enhance loyalty and brand advocacy.

Shelley has embarked on an entrepreneurial venture with the launch of Branding by Vitality, situated in the vibrant downtown Ridgefield space. This venture marks a significant expansion of her expertise into the realm of branded products for businesses. Branding by Vitality offers a curated selection of high-quality, customizable products designed to reinforce a company’s brand identity and deepen customer engagement. Through this innovative platform, Shelley leverages her experience in customer experience design to help businesses create tangible connections with their clients, enhancing brand visibility and loyalty.


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