The InstaBrand Elevator Program

Our goal is always, always, always to make it easier to grow your business. Creating content can be difficult and time consuming and sometimes you need a pushy little partner to get you going. 

Our InstaBrand Elevator program is designed to be that partner and give you the nudge you need. 

We have created three tailored tiers to find the perfect monthly content package for your business, each crafted to align with your industry’s unique vibes and values. 

Instabrand Elevator PRogram


1. Choose the plan that works best for you

2. You get a monthly calendar with a plan for each day that consists of:

    • Type of post
    • Hook
    • Description
    • Hashtags
    • Optimized content suggestions you provide.



Basic Plan - Social Starter Kit

Perfect for new businesses or those just starting to establish a social media presence, the Social Starter Kit provides a solid foundation for effective social media engagement. This plan offers a daily piece of content tailored to your brand, complete with a catchy caption, strategic hashtags, and suggestions for the best posting times. Ideal for keeping your audience engaged without overwhelming your schedule.

For $350 per month this plan includes:
  • 1 tailored post per day (30 pieces of content per month)
  • Custom captions for each post
  • Hashtag research and recommendations
  • Suggested posting times for maximum engagement
  • Mix of posts, reels, and stories suggestions
  • Basic graphic and photo guidance

$350 per month

Standard Plan - Engagement Enhancer

Designed for businesses looking to actively grow their social media reach and engagement, the Engagement Enhancer steps up your content game. With three pieces of content per day, this plan dives deeper into strategic content variety, including posts, reels, and stories, all tailored to your brand’s voice and audience preferences.

This plan Includes:
  • 3 tailored pieces of content per day (90 pieces of content per month)
  • Enhanced custom captions, each optimized for engagement
  • Comprehensive hashtag strategy to reach wider audiences
  • Optimized posting times based on in-depth analysis
  • Advanced guidance on graphics, photos, and reels creation
  • Weekly content mix strategy (posts, reels, stories)

$990 per month

Premium Plan - Digital Dominion

The ultimate package for businesses aiming to dominate their digital presence on social media, the Digital Dominion offers a robust content strategy with five pieces of content per day. This plan is designed to maximize engagement, reach, and brand awareness through a meticulously crafted mix of posts, reels, stories, and interactive content, all backed by data-driven insights

  • 5 tailored pieces of content per day (150 pieces of content per month)
  • Premium custom captions designed to maximize interaction and conversion
  • A dynamic hashtag strategy, including niche and trending tags
  • Precision-timed posting schedule for peak engagement
  • Comprehensive guidance on creating impactful graphics, photos, reels, and interactive stories
  • Monthly content strategy session to align on goals, themes, and special campaigns

$1500 per month


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