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Did You Know These Famous Women Were Also Spies? Unveiling the Untold Secrets!


I have never wanted to be a spy.


I could claim that I have an extraordinary sense of self-awareness and know that my combination of:

extroversion + a missing“embarrassment gene,”

(as my mother used to say)

…would make it very difficult to not over share AND keep track of so many secrets but I don’t think that is it.

Honestly, I think being a spy would be pretty annoying… and then sad.

First off, just think about all of the stolen documents you have to hide AND then remember where you hid them.

And yes, the Traveling to Parts Unknown sounds exciting.

(but also confusing, because if the parts were unknown how would you get there? The Parts have to be known by at least one person in order to even get to The Parts. It should be called The Parts Kind of Known or Secret Parts but is that creepy sounding?

Secret Parts just doesn’t sound right.

And while Traveling is good 

Traveling also equals weird food,

which in turn equals being polite while eating weird food,

which means being polite while eating weird food with BIG JERKS who do bad things.


THE BIG JERKS are just “following orders.”

(said every villain ever)

And what if The Big Jerks are actually really nice and then we became friends or even lovers.

(probably because I’m assuming that is how you get to steal secret documents)

But then I would have to betray my Not Big Jerk/Friend/Lover just after he professed his love to me in the rain on a bridge over the Seine and I would disappear into the shadows with all of the secret documents because ultimately I am a spy and “just following orders,” is not a good excuse to do bad things.

 It all seems very exhausting. 

But these awesome women killed it in the spying game!

(not literally, probably)

Audrey Hepburn, Julia Child and Super Spy and all around Queen of the World, Josephine Baker, side-hustled it out as spies during World War 2 and ate weird food with no complaints and I bet never forgot where they hid their secret documents!

The History Channel does them more justice than I ever could – so please take 9 minutes and enjoy these and other women who risked their lives for the greater good (and a few who just might have gotten a bad wrap).


Did you watch the video?

Who knew Julia Child was so tall?!

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Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes
Author and CEO Vitality Ventures Group