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Whether you’re just starting your MedSpa journey or looking to refine your expertise, our Resource Library is your gateway to a wealth of information. From detailed whitepapers and recorded sessions to comprehensive toolkits, we’ve curated a collection that caters to every need. And the best part? Accessing this treasure trove is simple. Browse, select, and immerse yourself in insights that have the power to transform your business. With Spa Sage by your side, empowerment is just a click away.

Masterclasses & Webinars

  • Recorded Sessions on Popular Topics
  • Q&A Sessions with Industry Experts
  • Tutorials on Specific Medspa Procedures

Technology & Sofware

  • Recommended Software for Medspa Management
  • Using Technology to Enhance Client Experiences
  • Cybersecurity Measures for Medspas

Partnerships & Growth

  • Strategies for Forming Product Partnerships
  • Expansion and Scaling for Medspas
  • Merging and Acquisition Guides for Medspa Owners

Client Feedback & Reviews:

  • Tools and Surveys for Client Feedback
  • Addressing Negative Reviews and Feedback
  • Strategies for Harnessing Positive Reviews for Marketing

Business Fundamentals for Medspas

Navigating the MedSpa industry requires a solid grasp of its foundational business principles. Dive into resources that demystify essential topics, from financial management to client relationship building, ensuring your venture thrives from the ground up.

Starting a Medspa

A Step-by-step guide to opening up your own medspa.

Financial Planning and Budgeting Tools

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Digital Downlads

Templates and Samples

Regulatory and Compliance Resources

Overview of State-by-State Medspa Regulations

Licensing and Certification Guidelines

Health and Safety Standards for Medspas

Unlock the secrets to medspa success with our exclusive membership program, offering on-demand consultations from industry-leading experts and a curated library of resources, including insightful blog posts. Dive in with a sneak peek of the transformative content awaiting you as a member.

Digital Marketing and Client Engagment

Marketing and Client Engagment

  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Medspas
  • Social Media Best Practices for Medspas
  • Client Retention and Loyalty Program Ideas
best practices at sage

Operational Best Practices

  • Inventory Management and Ordering Procedures
  • Staff Training and Certification Guides
  • Customer Service Excellence in Medspas
treatments and products and services

Treatments and Products

  • Latest Trends in Medspa Treatments
  • Equipment Reviews and Recommendations
  • Best Practices for Safe and Effective Treatments
how to hire for your medspa

Human Resources & Staffing

  • Hiring and Training Protocols for Medspas
  • Staff Compensation and Incentive Structures
  • Handling Staff Conflicts and Issues