In the rapidly expanding medspa industry, there’s a commonly echoed sentiment:

– what if I spend all my time and money to train a new injector and they just leave to open up their own place – 
(and possibly take all my clients)

This reality, while understandably upsetting (especially when it is so difficult to find an experienced replacement), this practice isn’t unique to our industry. The entrepreneurial spirit is deeply embedded in many of us, and the allure of independence can be irresistible.

However, rather than viewing this as a loss – or even worse avoiding investing in new injectors at all – medspa owners can consider several perspectives to navigate this challenge:

1. Remember, It’s Not Personal; It’s Business

When an employee decides to leave, it’s essential to remember it’s not a reflection of their relationship with you or your establishment… even when it feels as personal as it gets. Most often, the desire to “do their own thing” it’s simply a testament to their ambition or personal goals. While you may feel disappointed or even betrayed the best course of actions is to celebrate their achievements, as it also mirrors your success in nurturing talent.

2. Safety Guards: Contracts & Part-Timers

Consider introducing contracts that require a certain time commitment from the injector. Contracts that cover social media restrictions, training paybacks, client protections, etc can provide you with stability and gives providers and understanding right from the beginning what is expected of them if they chose to venture out on their own. Additionally, having part-timers or apprentices ensures there’s always someone ready to step in.

*while it can be uncomfortable it is imperative to enforce contracts and have financial penalties applied to those who chose to break them. Find a paralegal to help with the legalease, they are affordable and enforcing contracts will establish a precedent for all employees. 

3. Continual Training & Growth Opportunities

Create a nurturing environment where employees feel they’re growing. By offering advanced training, seminars, or workshops, injectors might feel more loyal to your business, appreciating the value you provide in their professional development. 

Your providers want training and the aesthetics industry is changing and evolving so rapidly, the investment will only help your business. 

Establish a per year $$ that will go to training for you providers and let them have control of how those $$ are spent. Also, ask your reps and vendors how they can help. Most have have a training budget they can dig into – offer to host a group training at your medspa, or ask about sharing costs. It never hurts to ask for help and you would be surprised how estalishing a “quid pro quo” relationship can help grow your business, but be realistic… every relationship is a give and take.

4. Open Dialogue

Foster open communication with your team. Understand their aspirations. If they do wish to start their own venture someday, guide them. Sharing your expertise can cement your relationship, ensuring they remember and potentially collaborate with you in the future.

Not all relationships were meant to be and despite all the guidance, training, and help you provide remember there is no guarantee you will be rewarded with loyalty or maturity when losing a valuable employee. Always, and I mean every single time, handle yourself with professionalism, respect, and any communications that are fueled by drama or could exacerbate drama. When the dust settles the manner in which you acted and reacted will be something you can should be proud of. 

Remember, the goal is to create an environment where employees thrive, and businesses flourish. Every departure is an opportunity for growth, both for you and the departing injector.